Potomac Kempo - Huntington

5914 N Kings Highway
Alexandria, VA 22303
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What is Kempo?

We’re glad you asked!

Kempo is a blend of Karate and Kung Fu with roots that go back in history more than 1,500 years to the Shaolin Temple in China. Since then, what we call Shaolin Kempo Karate spread to Japan and then the United States. It’s a thrilling story filled with zealous characters and a level of intrigue that could only come from the world of martial arts.

But here at Potomac Kempo, we prefer to leave drama to the historians. Kempo is a well-rounded Martial Art that trains both the body and the mind to improve the quality of your life! From it you will learn self defense and get in better physical condition, while relieving stress and increasing self discipline. It has many similarities to Taekwondo, Krav Maga, and Tai Chi, with added benefits that you might expect from CrossFit, Yoga or even Pilates.

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